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Psychology is the science or scientific study of the human mind and behaviour and as such plays a number of important roles in modern society. It emerged in Western countries and traveled to India approximately 70 years back. Psychology is an upcoming field and is becoming one of the most popular courses. Master’s Degree in psychology has been of great demand in the recent years, the need for psychological assistance and guidance has been recognized by all the sections of the society and there is a dearth of professionals in the field. Keeping this in mind the present curriculum has been framed to provide theoretical as well as practical training in a wide range of specialization in the field of Psychology. As both an academic discipline and a professional practice, psychology is employed in many industries.


To be an outstanding department in the pursuit of quality and excellence at National and International level in Postgraduate education in the field of psychology, where post graduate students and faculty establish close collaboration to learn the scientific principle of behavior and mental processes, to make significant contributions to the research and practice of psychology; and also to produce professionals who serve the local, national and global communities.  


To provide and promote quality education and innovations by providing the necessary infrastructure and learning resources. To encourage and enhance the knowledge through continuing education programmes and significant research involving students, staff and community. To provide wellness focused services that promote psycho emotional development and prevent and address the development of mental health challenges; and continue to strive for excellence in supporting mental health for the children, youths and families in the community.  


  • To focus on open access to education and training making the learners free from the constraints of time, place and offering flexible learning opportunities to individuals and groups of learners
  • To help working and active aspirants to become more effective decision makers in health /in their fields by updating their knowledge and skills considering recent advancement in the field
  • To provide practical training that enables learner hands on training in the field
  • To provide access to high quality education to all those who seek it, irrespective of age & region


The basic purpose of Open and Distance Learning includes the ability to respond flexibility to need for working adults/students  to obtain training, and to provide opportunities for those who are most deprived by existing provision. Open and Distance Learning will provide quality education and skill development in all spheres of higher learning. The effective use of information and communication technology to build dynamic techno –structure in curriculum development, teaching pedagogy and in system management. Open and Distance learning will also create learner centric approach ensure that the academic, career and personal counseling are in-built into the system of curriculum delivery’s strengthen  and virtual support to develop all round personality of Lerner.  

Nature of Prospective target group of learners :

The programme aims at developing competencies in design, development ,implementation and management of programmes at all levels of education, including the hands on  training in the form of Internship & Dissertation. Thus, the target group of the programme includes diverse class of learners  –  large cross section of People  Health Professionals, Psychology, Health Science & Science  Students, Trainers in health industry

Appropriateness of programme to be conducted in open and distance learning mode to acquire specific skills and competence:

With a practice of flexible and open system of education in regard to method and place of learning, combination of courses and eligibility for enrollment, age for entry and methods of valuation etc.

  • Intensive online training to develop e- learning professionals
  • Strong internship & dissertation component to facilitate hands on experience
  • Personalized online student support
  • Use of Open Educational Recourses and Recommended texts
  • Use of Moodle Learning Management Systematic
  • Use of portfolio for student progress
  • Use of Synchronous delivery methods using online conferencing tools
  • Extensive use of discussion forums for both academics and personal supports
  • Innovative assessment mechanisms

Instructional Designs:

Master of Science in Psychology programme is intended for Psychology, Health and Mental Health ,Science, aspirants who are interested in pursuing formal post graduate education. This programme provides the learner with a solid grounding in learning the theories and research in Psychology, theory & practical Knowledge, up to date knowledge in instructional design , hands on experience with current distance Education technologies and individualized  students support.

Course Material

Learning material is prepared for the courses offered by the in house faculty with thorough discussion with experts in the field from conventional universities, institutions and professionals from all over the country. These materials are edited by the content experts and language experts before they finally sent to the press. Similarly, audio and video programmes are produced in consultation with the course writers ,in – house faculty, producers and IT Professionals. These materials are previewed and reviewed by the faculty as well as outside experts and edited or modified wherever necessary before they are dispatched to the study centres.

Duration of Course :

  1. The Minimum Duration – 2 years
  2. The Maximum Duration – 4 years

Instructional delivery mechanism:

Learning materials through print media, Audio video material, E-books and technological support through learning management system to enable two way communication between the learner and the provider.

Medium of Instructions:

The medium of instructions and examination is in ENGLISH only.

Number of seats : 60

Program structure:

The M.Sc. Psychology programme consists of 4 semester, two semester in each year. Procedure for admission, curriculum transaction and evaluation:

Admission Process :

  • Student apply online, and send their form and copy of the certificates /credentials to admission section ,KAHER
  • Upon selection, the offer of admission letter shall be sent to the students with instructions to pay fees online /DD
  • On receipt of fees ,admission is confirmed and enrollment number and identity card will be issued.


  • Candidates who have  passed Three Years BA with Psychology/ B.Sc. or Graduates of Life /Health   Sciences from any University recognized by UGC.

Exams & Evaluation:
The evaluation system of papers based on two components
( I) Internal Assessment (II) End Semester examination
(I) Two internal assessments will be made during each semester (online) - Written Tests of 20 marks each

The average of total marks obtained in IA 1 & IA 2 will be taken into account for compilation of grades. The average marks statement of IA 1 & IA 2 will be submitted to the Controller of Examination at least 15 days prior to the commencement of semester end exam.

  1. (II) There shall be 4 University examinations for the entire course namely I, II, III, IV semester examination. The University examination will be conducted (offline) at the end of each semester -of 3 hours duration for every theory paper & 6 hours duration for practical for 80 The practical exams shall be conducted by two examiners, one external and one internal from the panel of examiners prepared by B.O.S. and approved by the university.
 The examination shall be conducted as per the rules, regulations, notifications, orders, instructions, procedures, formats and circulars issued by KAHER from time to time.




Empowering Professionals